Feedback and Leadership

Creating Learning Cultures for Today’s Organisations.

Most often when employees quit their jobs, it’s not the job itself they are quitting, but their immediate superiors. Whether online or face-to-face, the one crucial skill distinguishing good leadership from bad is the ability to give – and receive – feedback. Fortunately, giving feedback is a skill and it can – like any other skill – be learned. This workshop will enhance your leadership competence by investigating and practicing what it means to give and receive quality feedback. To understand what the prerequisites are we will focus on exploring the following:

  • Guidelines to conducting feedback sessions successfully
  • Feedback positive and negative – many find giving praise equally challenging
  • Feedback is a two-way process – a dialogue, achieving commitment and change for the better
  • Three aspects to bear in mind – how to tailor the feedback to the individual, the situation and company culture
  • Personal experience – your own examples from work


  • Feeling more confident and comfortable when giving clear and useful feedback
  • Finding the right balance of the two human needs: the need to learn and grow and the need to be accepted and respected
  • Increased awareness of your own strengths and limitations
  • Deeper understanding through reflection and introspection and thus achieving better understanding of your own development areas.