About me and my approach

My maxim is

“An open mind, a passionate heart and a strong hand will take you to personal change.”

I bring passion and competence
to my guidance of teams of all stripes, leaders and individuals with their own particular concerns. I have found my true vocation in supporting processes of development and change.
The intensive interaction that I so enjoy takes place in a refreshing and relaxed atmosphere – and laughter also has its place in the process.
But whatever the mood, I approach each encounter with an open mind and a spirit of inquiry; I am always keen to see what is new step out into light, whether explicitly stated or hiding within the process.

People who have worked with me have described me as,

Betty Boden Betty Boden

I am qualified to

  • coach leaders and managers
  • coach individual processes
  • coach and consult in professional development and career planning
  • guide team and group processes
  • mediate conflicts
  • provide training for teaching and presentations

I have undergone training for a range of internationally proven methods in these fields.
I am furthermore licensed to undertake Team Performance Model ® accreditations in cooperation with Team Management Service GmbH.

My work is informed by my diverse professional experience:

  • as an international sales executive and as a leader, both in the world of business and of further education
  • as a trainer and teacher in vocational, adult and further education
  • as the creator of learning concepts and methods and as co-author of two classic books in German on learning and teaching: Vom Kopf bis Fuß auf Lernen eingestellt, Munterrichtsmethoden
  • as an entrepreneur (Orbium Seminare ® and Betty Boden – Coaching Process Facilitation Training)

I spent the first decade of my career of around twenty-five years
accruing extensive hands-on experience of life as an employee: from the cubicles to leading teams and long-distance travel, I know at first hand the realities of that world – including facing and overcoming its vicissitudes.

My self-assurance in the efficacy of my work
stems from the array of strategies and techniques I have since found to deal with such adversities.

It is possible truly to move mountains
even in situations that may seem hopeless and that are threatening to ruin your professional or private life.

Development is my calling ...
Continuous learning, the constant development of my competencies and regular supervision ensure the consistently high quality of my work.