I am delighted to welcome you to

Betty Boden — Coaching • Process Facilitation • Training

Whatever your concern

  • strengthening your leadership skills
  • empowering your professional career as a woman
  • fulfilling your values and work preferences at work
  • achieving your next career step
  • progress as a team

I am the support you are seeking
as a leader or member of a team, be that in science or in business.

Tailored to your requirements
I will accompany you with individual coaching and counselling in English or German, in person or online and always with great pleasure.

My particular strength is
that I combine well-proven methods to provide an optimal mix for your individual situation, drawing on both my specialist knowledge and my intuition. Not forgetting my characteristic warmth and heartfelt approach – what I call my “Betty-Factor”!

I always see it as a positive step
when people are interested in their own further development, when they find the courage to take a close look at themselves – whatever the reason and context may be.
Most of those who approach me share a need to enhance enjoyment of their work or private lives and to find greater peace with themselves and their colleagues, friends and families.

The first move
Many of my clients come on the personal recommendation of someone they know; in the case of coaching especially, many have no prior experience and are perhaps even nervous at the prospect, often they are correspondingly curious to know more. Some clients like to peruse these pages thoroughly in preparation for their phone call, others simply reach for the phone. Either way, I very much look forward to answering all your questions and sharing some of my inspiration and enthusiasm with you.


Betty Boden