Developing teams with Team Management Systems ® (TMS)

Effective teamwork requires mutual understanding from the team players.

If you like time and space to develop your creative ideas, it can be difficult to tolerate someone who wants to leap immediately into action. And, of course, vice versa. However, a good team actually needs a mix of many different working styles to achieve sustainable success.

Team Management Systems ®
by Margerison and McCannn is an internationally-proven model that enables you as a first step to better assess your own role and your most important team working preferences. Most people are delighted and relieved to recognise themselves several times on the multicoloured ‘wheel’, a process that usually has very positive effects on their everyday routine. As a first step you complete a securely-encrypted online questionnaire and your answers are then used to generate your work preference profile.

As also is the case with the Team Performance Model ®,
utilisation of the TMS model facilitates the development of a shared view of working processes, enhances mutual understanding and thus brings out the best in each individual. TMS satisfies the need of each of us to be appreciated and valued for our own personal working style and very individual contribution. Simultaneously it caters for the less obvious but – for most of us – very real desire to understand and value the people around us.

TMS is useful in individual coaching,
for instance for professional development and in conflict mediation.

It is also most valuable for team development,
providing effective tools with which to sustainably improve team performance. Indeed, initial improvements in teamwork are usually immediate.

TMS is also applied in cases of leadership development.